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Only 65% of people pass the ACE exam studying just the official textbook —35% Fail

99% of TA students pass on the first try while cutting study time and effort by more than half - You can too

Or receive a full refund, plus we'll cover the $249 ACE retake fee.

The problem

It’s because the ACE textbook is 700+ pages and most people do not know how to study efficiently or effectively.

Sorry—but that’s just a fact

Plus, lots of people have testing anxiety that compounds the issue.

The ACE textbook, while a fantastic work that is jam-packed with all the information you need to start a successful personal training career, is not written with effective, efficient study in mind.

It’s a ton of knowledge.

In order to virtually guarantee a passing score on the exam—one of the toughest in the business—you need a top-notch study system.

The solution:
Capital Prep

You see, we at Capital Prep were once like you—newbie trainers full of enthusiasm and ready to get started in the exciting world of personal training.

And we found—like so many before and after us have—that without a solid system for studying the material that will actually be on the ACE CPT exam, it’s kinda like taking a shot in the dark.

You might hit your target, but chances are good that you won’t.

And ACE’s verifiable 35% CPT exam failure rate proves it!

Our aim is to fast-track your journey to becoming a personal trainer, ensuring the exam becomes a minor detail on your smooth path to success.

Competition vs Capital Prep


Significantly decrease your study time compared to boring study guides/textbooks

Pass Rate


Study Time

6 Months

Average study effort/day

37 minutes

Capital Prep

Increase your odds of passing Your Exam with our advanced study system

Pass Rate with Capital Prep


Study Time with Capital Prep

3 Months

Average study effort/day

17 Minutes



Interactive Study Guide

Streamline your exam prep with our Interactive Study Guide, crafted to efficiently cut down your study time and bolster confidence with engaging, personalized content.

Exam Simulator

Our Exam Simulator offers a real-test atmosphere, significantly reducing your study effort by acclimatizing you to the exam format, thus boosting your confidence and exam readiness.

Flashcard System

Master critical content faster with spaced repetition flashcards, designed for long-term retention and quick refreshers, supporting both comprehensive study and efficient cramming.

Exam Pass Guarantee

With our Exam Pass Guarantee, we pledge your success: complete our program with confidence, and if you don't pass, we'll refund your investment plus the retake fee.

Exam Confidence Algo

Our Exam Confidence Algorithm evaluates your readiness, offering tailored feedback to ensure you approach your exam with confidence and a clear strategy for success.

Audio Study Guide

Maximize your study flexibility with our Audio Study Guide, allowing you to absorb material during downtime, effectively reducing your overall study time.

Performance Reporting

Get precise insights into your preparation with our Performance Reporting, focusing your efforts on areas needing improvement and efficiently streamlining your study path.

Motivating Study Streaks

Our motivating study streaks incentivize consistent study habits, reducing effort by keeping you engaged and steadily progressing towards your exam goals.

Study Gamification

Transform your study sessions with gamification, making learning enjoyable and reducing the perceived effort needed to grasp challenging material.

Weak Point Training

Our Weak Area Training focuses your studies on areas needing the most attention, efficiently reducing both study time and effort by targeting your preparation.

Tailored Study Plans

Optimize your exam prep with Tailored Study Plans, catering to both cramming and long-term study. Adapted to fit your pace, whether you're quickly absorbing material or taking a gradual approach.

Magic Mnemonics

Enhance memory and reduce study time with mnemonic techniques, making complex information easy to remember, ideal for thorough preparation and effective cramming alike.

Essential Cheat Sheet

Quickly grasp key concepts with our cheat sheet, perfect for efficient study and last-minute reviews, ensuring you're well-prepared with less time and effort.

Exam Date Tracker

Keep your study schedule on track with our Exam Date Tracker, ensuring you're adequately prepared when your exam date arrives, without the need for last-minute cramming.

Pass the ACE CPT exam
or your money back + retake

  • We will refund you the cost of our program.

  • + We will pay for your $249 exam retake fee.

Learn How The Pass Guarantee Protects You


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According to our September 2023 student survey, 91% of our learners report that Capital Prep questions are of the same difficulty or more difficult than those on the ACE CPT exam.

Out of all of our students that have gone through the ACE MVP study materials (1000+), we have had only 6 students fail

Our study guide extracts the most important parts out of the huge 700+ page textbook that are needed to pass the exam. Our flashcards use a program so that you only focus on your weak areas, instead of repeating information you already know. Our study blueprint tells you exactly what to study, and when. Our practice tests let you know when you are prepared for the real test. These reduce the average study time by more than half.

Our ACE MVP course is ideal for last-minute ACE CPT exam preparation, offering customizable study plans tailored for tight schedules, targeted content to shore up weak spots, and space repetition flashcards for efficient memorization. Plus, our essential cheat sheet distills must-know information into bite-sized, high-impact study sessions, ensuring you focus on what truly matters as the exam approaches.

Our study guide and practice questions are created from talking to hundreds of our students that have passed the exam, and the types of questions that they saw while taking it. ACE is constantly changing their tests and it is important to have updated information to properly reflect what you will see on the real exam. We have access to this information.

After signing up you will get an email immediately with the login information to access all of your ACE CPT study materials. You will be on your way to passing the ACE CPT exam within one minute.

Of course! Down below, you can access a full sample of our MVP study materials for free. Learn more about how all the study materials work together to give our students an industry-high exam pass rate.

You can contact us through our chatbox on the bottom right of our website. We are available 24/7 every day to answer any questions or concerns. You can also email us at To learn more about our team check out our about page here.

Capital Prep MVP study system guarantees:

  • 99% pass rate
  • 50% reduction in exam prep time
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Try our MVP study
system today for FREE.

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